Latin Glossary

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    • balletta var of ballada [DML]
    • Bertelinus, -i n m St Bettelin (dates unknown), patron of Stafford


    • cantalena, -e n f var of cantilena [DML]
    • carectata, -e n f var of carrettata [DML]



      • episcopus, -i n m bishop; ~ puerorum boy bishop, a boy, originally a choirboy in a cathedral or other collegiate church or a student in an almonry school, chosen to act as a mock bishop in liturgical and other observances on the feast of St Nicholas or of the Holy Innocents








                  • ludus, -i n m entertainment, ‘play,’ of an unspecified kind, not necessarily dramatic [see also DML ludus]


                  • Malbanus see vicus Malbanus
                  • Michaelis, -e adj of or pertaining to St Michael; see also terminus




                      • parcellum, -i n n var of parcella [DML]
                      • parochialis, -e adj of or pertaining to a parish
                      • promotus, -a, -um pfp pass promoted, used of a proceeding against a person in a church court moved or initiated by someone other than the court itself or a person authorized to make presentment





                            • terminus, -i n m term, here a law term; ~ Michaelis Michaelmas term



                              • uicus, -i n m settlement, borough, village, etc; ~ Malbanus Nantwich, Cheshire




                                  • ystrio, -onis n m in CL, an actor; sense widening in ML, here an entertainer, or performer of some kind unspecified [see histrio DML, OLD]


                                    • Glossary Notes

                                      Words are included in the Latin Glossary if they are not found with the required sense in the Oxford Latin Dictionary (OLD), as supplemented where appropriate by the Dictionary of Medieval Latin from British Sources (DML). Adverbs that are formed regularly from adjectives found in the OLD and DML are not included. Words with unusual spellings have been not been included if they are treated in the text as scribal errors and footnoted, or if they are the result of the following common spelling variations alone:

                                      c for t before i

                                      cc for ct before i

                                      -d for -t in final position

                                      e for ae or oe

                                      ff- for f- in initial position

                                      addition or omission of h

                                      variation between i and e or ar and er in medial positions, especially before another vowel

                                      variation between de- and di- as a prefix

                                      n for m before another nasal or a stop (eg, inp- for imp-)

                                      intrusion of p in consonant clusters mm, mn, ms, or mt

                                      doubling of single consonants or vice versa

                                      Where the same word occurs in spellings which differ according to the list above, the most common spelling is treated as standard and used for the headword. We have conformed to the practice of the OLD as regards 'i/j' and 'u/v' variation: in this glossary only the letter forms 'i' and 'u' are used. If a noun of the first declension appears only with a genitive singular in '-ae,' that spelling is used in the head form, otherwise the ML '-e' is used.

                                      Nouns are listed by nominative, genitive, and gender; adjectives by the endings of the nominative singular or, in the case of adjectives of one ending, by the nominative and genitive; verbs by their principal parts.

                                    • Glossary Abbreviations
                                      abbr abbreviation
                                      abl ablative
                                      abs absolute
                                      adj adjective
                                      adv adverb(ial)
                                      AL Anglo-Latin
                                      art article
                                      attr attributive
                                      CL Classical Latin
                                      coll collective
                                      comp compound
                                      compar comparative
                                      conj conjunction
                                      cp compare
                                      dat dative
                                      def definite
                                      E English
                                      EG English Glossary
                                      F French
                                      f feminine
                                      fut future tense
                                      gen genitive
                                      Gk Greek
                                      imper imperative
                                      indecl indeclinable
                                      inf infinitive
                                      interj interjection
                                      intr intransitive
                                      L Latin
                                      LL Late Latin
                                      m masculine
                                      ML Medieval Latin
                                      n noun
                                      nom nominative
                                      nt neuter
                                      obj objective
                                      OE Old English
                                      OT Old Testament
                                      pa past tense
                                      pasp passive participle
                                      pass passive
                                      per person
                                      pfp perfect participle
                                      phr phrase
                                      pl plural
                                      poss possessive
                                      pp past participle
                                      ppl participial
                                      pr present tense
                                      prep preposition
                                      pron pronoun
                                      prp present participle
                                      rel relative
                                      sbst substantive
                                      sg singular
                                      subj subjunctive
                                      superl superlative
                                      tr transitive
                                      v verb
                                      var variant
                                      vb verbal