A Fête at Bermondsey, c. 1570 (oil on panel), Gheeraerts, Marcus, the Elder (c. 1520-90) / Hatfield House, Hertfordshire, UK / Bridgeman Images

Executive Board

John Craig, Simon Fraser University (Chair)
James Cummings, Newcastle University
Matthew Davies, University of London
Peter Greenfield, University of Puget Sound (Secretary)
Diane Jakacki, Bucknell University
Alexandra F. Johnston, University of Toronto (Founder and Senior Consultant)
Naomi Morgenstern, University of Toronto (Graduate Chair and Chair of Department of English , Department of English)
Sally-Beth MacLean, University of Toronto (Director of Research and General Editor)
C.E. McGee, St Jerome’s University
Alan H. Nelson, University of California, Berkeley
Suzanne Westfall, Lafayette College
Paul Whitfield White, Purdue University


John Bradley, King's College London (Senior Digital Advisor)
J.J. McGavin, University of Southampton (Corresponding Advisor)

Editorial Staff

Patrick Gregory, Associate Editor (Latinist and palaeographer)
Tanya Hagen, Managing Editor and EMLoT Bibliographer
Illya Nokhrin, Research Associate

Research Assistants

Alexandra Atiya (Centre for Medieval Studies), Assistant Bibliographer
Rose Grant (English), Southwark Playhouses Research Assistant
Morgan Moore (Centre for Medieval Studies), Norwich to 1540 Editorial Assistant
Andrew Wiebe (iSchool), Suffolk Digital Indexer

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