Inventory of Alice Hyde

BRO: D/A1/76/213

f 1 (21 November)

An Inventorie taken the xxjth daie of November in the yeare of our lord god one thousand fyve hundreth fowre score and three of all the goodes and chattells plate debtes and Iewells and ready money of Alice Hyde late of Denchworth in the Countie of Barkes wydowe disceased taken and and praysed in the presens of Iohn Saunders william wyblin william Elwin and Richard Thatcher praysers/

Imprimis in the haule two table boardes, three formes one ould Cubbard, one ould morris pyke and the paynted Clothes .probati. xxij s.


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    • and and: dittography
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    The Hyde family was one of the prominent families of the parish of St James, Denchworth. A brass memorial to Oliver Hyde and his wife (1516) and another to William Hyde and his wife and many children (1557) survive in the church (Tyack et al, Berkshire, p 268).

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    Record title: Inventory of Alice Hyde
    Repository: BRO
    Shelfmark: D/A1/76/213
    Repository location: Reading

    21 November 1583; English; paper; 5 sheets; 420mm x 150mm; written top to bottom recto only. Now secured at the top with a ribbon.

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