Inventory of Walter Davys

BRO: D/A1/186/091

single sheet (19 October)

The Inventary of the goodes and Chattells of Walter Davys late of the parishe of St Mary in Readinge in the Countie of Berkshire musicion deceassed / taken and praised the xixth day of October / 1609. by Willyam Legg Iohn Godderd / Edward Staunton and Willyam Wylmer: as followeth: videlicet...

Item three old broken instrumentes iij s. iiij d.
Item an old base vyall v s.
Item a treble vyall iij s. iiij d.


Item a sett of pavyn bookes ij s. vj d.


single sheet dorse


Item a sett of pavyn bookes


  • Marginalia
    • Berkshire
  • Footnotes
    • Item ... bookes: No value is given for this or three of the other four items on the dorse
  • Glossed Terms
    • pavyn n pavane, a kind of stately court dance; here music written for this dance [OEDO pavane n 2]
  • Document Description

    Record title: Inventory of Walter Davys
    Repository: BRO
    Shelfmark: D/A1/186/091
    Repository location: Reading

    19 October 1609; English; paper; single sheet; 450mm x 150mm; no decoration or seal; signed on dorse by 'William Thorne' and 'John Goddard.'

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