Berkshire, Abingdon, 1566–7
Ward: 'St Helen's''

p 16 (17 November–16 November)


Anno MDLXVI or 9 of Elizabeth payde for setting up Robin Hoodes bower 0 18


Ward, who provides these antiquarian transcriptions, placed 's' and 'd' at the head of the columns of amounts. Ward provides the dates of the regnal years for the two entries he transcribes from the accounts of St Helen’s, Abingdon (1560–61 and 1566–7). The accession date of Elizabeth’s regnal year is provided here. The bower for Robin Hood (1566–7) probably occurred between Whitsun and Midsummer 1567

  • Glossed Terms
    • bowrye n bower, here a space artificially enclosed with branches; bowerrye; bowrie; in phr Robin Hoodes bower a bower constructed during Robin Hood games from which Robin Hood presided
  • Document Description

    Record title: St Helen's Churchwardens' Accounts (A)
    Author: Ward
    Work title: 'St Helen's''

    The records were lost some time after their publication in the first issue of Archaeologia in 1770.

    Ward, 'Parish of St Helen's,' pp 11–23.

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