Archdeaconry of Berkshire Act Book

BRO: D/A2/c58

f 119 (25 October)


Officium domini contra Richardum Hall parochie sancte Hellene Abingdon/

Quibus die et loco Comparuit dictus Richardus alias 3o Novembris 1613o iuratus Et ad billam deteccionis Richarde Elie et Johannis ffisher factam in visitacione tenta post festum sancti Michaelis 1613 tunc gardianorum Ecclesie parochialis sancte hellene Abingdon predicte respondet et dicit that hee this examinat beeing a Musition & divers tymes from home by reason thereof, hee hath not then come to his parishe Church to heare divine service but goeth to the parishe church there, where hee is, when hee is soe from home, to heare divine service, and alsuch tyme as hee is at home hee hath frequented his parishe church Duelie to heare divine service And further hee denieth that hee is a swearer or a common drunckard as in the said bill is mencioned Quam Confessionem Dominus acceptavit quatenus &c et monuit eum to acknowledge before Mr Kisbie vicar there & the nowe Maior that hee is sorrie that hee hath geven such occasion of presentment & to Certifie as aforesaid die Mercurij proximo per 15am proximam

Deinde dictus Richardus humiliter petijt beneficium absolucionis a sententia excommunicacionis alias contra eum lata/ et quod dominus decrevit et eodem die Emendauit Comissione directa Magistro Robberto Kisbie Clerico vicario ibidem & absolutus est eiusdem/ ...

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    • Richarde: for Richardi
  • Record Translation

    f 119 (25 October)


    Office of the lord (judge) against Richard Hall of the parish of St Helen's, Abingdon.

    On which day and place the said Richard appeared, having been sworn on another occasion, 3 November 1613, and to the bill of detection of Richard Elie and John Fisher, then churchwardens of the aforesaid parish church of the parish of St Helen's, Abingdon, made at the visitation held after Michaelmas 1613, he responds and says (English). Which confession the lord (judge) accepted in so far as, etc, and he warned him (English) next Wednesday through the next fortnight

    Thereafter the said Richard humbly asked for the benefit of absolution from the sentence of excommunication passed against him on another occasion and the lord (judge) decreed and on the same day emended that by a commission directed to Mr Robert Kisbie, vicar there, and he was absolved of the same.


  • Endnote

    The date given is that of the proceedings held in the surrogate's house in the parish of St Martin's, Carfax, Oxford. The original accusation was brought against Hall in 1613. It is unusual that the court of the archdeacon of Berkshire should be held in Oxford rather than Reading but Abingdon is much closer to Oxford than to Reading. There must have been extenuating personal circumstances as well since the court was convened earlier that morning near the east gate of the city but moved to near the other end of the High Street near Carfax for this hearing.

  • Document Description

    Record title: Archdeaconry of Berkshire Act Book
    Repository: BRO
    Shelfmark: D/A2/c58
    Repository location: Reading

    1615–16; Latin and English; paper; ii + 272 + i; 290mm x 188mm; modern pencil foliation to 275 (including end-papers); some damage on corners of folios; paper booklets sewn together, original parchment front cover used as end-paper, original back cover missing, stamped on spine: 'LIBER | ACTORUM | 1615–1616 | Berks | c. 58.'

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