History of Wallingford (A)

Hedges: Wallingford

vol 2, p 83 (Royal gifts of New Year's Day)

...Earl of Wiltshire's players 13s 4d;...

  • Endnote

    The notation from Hedges is part of a list of New Year's gifts for that year, which also included 20s to the dean of Wallingford 'for going to Canterbury,' a payment to Dr Fairfax of £13 6s 8d 'for a book,' various payments for 'quene apples' and 'pomgarnetts (pomegranettes),' and 8d each to forty-nine priests. No MS reference is given.

  • Document Description

    Record title: History of Wallingford (A)
    Author: Hedges
    Work title: Wallingford

    Hedges, History of Wallingford.

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