Berkshire, Windsor, 1538–9

Chamberlains' Accounts


f 43v (15 October–29 September) (Payments)


Item payd to the kynges players vij s.


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    Record title: Chamberlains' Accounts
    Repository: BRO
    Shelfmark: WI/FA1/1
    Repository location: Reading

    After the beginning of the reign of Edward VI, the accounts become more and more summary until the accession of Elizabeth when proper accounting procedures begin.

    1514–59; English; paper; iv + 75 + iv; 305mm x 215mm; modern ink foliation 6–79; display capitals on f 71; bound in parchment, repaired with brown leather patches on spine, title in display letters on cover: '<...> Gild | aul Novum Wyndsor | A,' and in an 18th-c. hand: 'Book of Accompts of Guild Hall | Beginning on Friday on the Morrow of St | Edward 6th H 8 | Ending Michaelmas in the 2d of Elizth Inspected 8th April 1772 <..>.' The accounts are now kept in a green box with a gold leather patch on the spine stamped in red: 'Chamberlains' Account Book 1514–1559.'

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