Corporation Diaries

BRO: R/AC1/1/2


p 318 (8 September)


Agreed that 40 s. ⸢20 s.⸣ shalbe geven the master of the Chambres for his shewe gratis to the Company & their wyves & freindes/

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    There is no other evidence concerning the nature of this show.

  • Document Description

    Record title: Corporation Diaries
    Repository: BRO
    Shelfmark: R/AC1/1/2
    Repository location: Reading

    R/AC1/1/2–4 are not elegant books. The writing is hurried and the jottings often seem to have been made at random.

    Oct 1622–Oct 1628; English; paper; ii + 183 + ii; modern foliation and pagination; 320mm x 220mm; heavily damaged from damp and repaired; bound in boards covered with white imitation parchment, title on front cover: 'Borough of Reading | Corporation Diary | commencing | October 1622 | ending | October 1628 | No | 1.'

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