Berkshire, Reading, 1546–7
BRO: D/P 97/5/2

p 246 (29 September–29 September) (Particular receipts)


Received of the hok money gatherid by the women xxxj s. iij d.
Received of the hok money gathered by the men viij s. iiij d.
Received of the gatheryng of the yong men on May day iiij s. iij d. ob.


p 248


paid for a barell of bere at the kyng playe xx d.


  • Footnotes
    • hok ... gatherid: ie, during Hocktide, 18–19 April 1547
    • kyng playe: likely held at Whitsuntide, 29–31 May 1547
  • Glossed Terms
    • gatheryng vb n collection, here used to refer specifically to the act of collecting money for the parish; gaderyng gathering; gatheringe; gatherynge;
    • kinge n in phr kinge ale, kingal, kingale, kingalle, kingeale, kyng ale, kyngale, kyngalle, kynge ale, kyngeale king ale, an inversion of order event in which a king — typically a local young man or farmer — was appointed to preside over the festival; kyng game, kynges game, king play, kynges play, kyng play synonymous with king ale; in phr king halle, kyng halle king hall, likely a bower built for the king of the king ale
  • Document Description

    Record title: St Laurence's Churchwardens' Accounts
    Repository: BRO
    Shelfmark: D/P 97/5/2
    Repository location: Reading

    The churchwardens rendered their accounts on the feast of the Annunciation (25 March) until 1516 when they adopted the Michaelmas–Michaelmas pattern rendering their accounts on 29 September.

    1498–1626; English; paper; 250 leaves; 330mm x 225mm; modern pagination; some display capitals; pp 1–2, 490–3 are separated but have been repaired and put separately in a brown paper wrapper; bound in boards covered in parchment, title on front cover: 'The Book of the | Church-Wardens Accounts | of the Parish | of | St Laurence.'

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