Berkshire, Reading, 1551–2

Corporation Diaries

BRO: R/AC1/1/1

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The xiijth day of Septembre in the yere above seid the kynges Maiestie in thend of his progresse came to Redyng/ At the whiche tyme Thomas Aldeworth Mayor Accompanyed with the substaunce of thenhabitantes of the seid towne Aswell Burges as others in ther best Apparelles Receyved his grace At Colley Crosse All beyng on fote/ wher the seid Mayor on his knee humblie welcummyd his grace & kissed the Mase & delyuered it vnto his grace/ who most gentilly Stayed his hors & received it And Inmediatly deyuered a gayn the same Mase vnto the seid Mayor/ And also his Maiestie ferther Stayed his hors vntill the seid Mayor had taken his hors/ And then the seid Mayor Appoynted by a gentilman hussher Rode be/ fore the kynges Maiestie thorough the towne into the kynges place/ At the whiche tyme for asmuche as it was the first tyme of his graces cummyng/ the seid Mayor presented & gave vnto his Maiestie ijo yokes of Oxon which cost xv li./ The charges wherof was borne by thenhabitantes of the seid Towne Aswell by the Burges as others Also At the same tyme beyng his graces first cumyng certayn officers ther demaunded certayn dewties as they call hit/ whiche were payed vnto them at the Costes & charges of the seyd Mayor & Burges As herafter followith

In primis to the harroldes xx s.
To the Seriauntes at Armis xiij s. iiij d.
To the Trumpettes x s.
To the kynges Cupp berer vj s. viij d.
To the fotemen x s.
To the Clark of the Markett vj s. viij d.
To the Marshall iij s. iiij d.
lxx s.
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    Rather than a formal 'progress' the king, with some members of his council, spent a few weeks in the Home Counties in September 1551. A proclamation was issued from Westminster on 11 September and another from Farnham (in south Buckinghamshire north of Slough) that same day (Paul L. Hughes and James F. Larkin (eds), Tudor Royal Proclamations, Vol 1, The Early Tudors (1485–1553) (New Haven and London, 1964), 530–4). This formal visit to Reading was two days later on September 13 with a stay in the abbot's house that was, at this time, under the control of the protector. The next surviving evidence of the whereabouts of the young king is eleven days later on 24 and 25 September when the 'Council with the king,' meeting at the palace of Oatlands in Surrey, wrote a letter to the 'Council in London' (Great Britain, Calendar of State Papers, Domestic Series, of the Reigns of Edward VI., Mary, Elizabeth 1547–1580, Robert Lemon (ed) (London, 1856), 35).

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    Record title: Corporation Diaries
    Repository: BRO
    Shelfmark: R/AC1/1/1
    Repository location: Reading

    R/AC1/1/1 is a miscellaneous collection of memoranda. The early pages contain notes of elections, ordinances, fines, etc. The last half of the book deals almost entirely with elections. Apparently, the town government met only quarterly.

    1431–1602; Latin and English; paper; iii + 348 + i (parchment) + iii; 286mm x 194mm; modern pagination; some display capitals; repaired; bound in brown leather with clasps intact; stamped on spine: 'Reading | Corporation Diary | 1431–1602.'

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