Letter to Edward Alleyn from the Players

Dulwich College: MS I

single sheet

Mr Allen, commendations./

Sir I hope you mistake not our remoouall from the banks side: wee stood the intemperate weather, 'till more Intemperate Mr Meade thrust vs ouer, taking the day from vs which by course was ours; though by the time wee can yet claime none, & that power hee exacted on vs; for the prosecution of our further suite in a house wee entreate you to fore thinke ‸⸢well⸣ <.> of the place, (though it craue a speedie resolution) lest wee make a second fruitlesse paines ‸⸢and as wee purpose to dedicate all our paines⸣ powers & frendes all referent to your vses; so wee entreate you in the meane time, to looke toward our necessityes; leauing you euer a certaine forme of satisfaction; wee haue neede of some monie (indeed vrdgent necessitie) which wee rather wish you did heare in conference then by report in writing, wee haue to receiue from the court (which after shrouetide wee meane to pursue with best speede) a great summe of monie, meane while if you do but furnish vs with the least halfe, which will be fourtie poundes; it shall be all confirm'd to you till your satisfaction of the fourty what wee can do for your auaile or purpose, wee professe our readiest furtherance and you shall command it, for which wee entreate this kindnesse from you; still resting

In your employmentes

frendes to their best powers

(signed) Robert Pallant (signed) william Rowley (signed) Ioseph Taylor (signed) Iohn newton (signed) Robert hamlen (signed) Hugh Attewell (signed) Anthony Smyth

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