Bishop Thomas Thirlby's Synod

CUL: EDR B/2/1

f 259


Memorandum to know Master Chauncellour his pleasur for order to be takyn for keepyng playes dawnsynges and mayegaymes in Churches and Churche yeardes vpon pretense to aduantage and proffyt the Churche by the same/

  • Document Description

    Record title: Bishop Thomas Thirlby's Synod
    Repository: CUL
    Shelfmark: EDR B/2/1
    Repository location: Cambridge

    This document consists entirely of lists of the names of clergy attending the bishops' synods from 1506 to 1577, with the exception of the memorandum given here, which is written slantwise at the end of the document, clearly a clerk's note to himself. A heading on f 253v indicates a date of 'die martis post Festum Trinitatis viz. 7 die Junij Anno domini 1558'; although the year has been written over as either 1557 or 1558, the 7 June date confirms 1558 as correct.

    1506–57; Latin and English; paper; 262 leaves; 311mm x 206mm; modern foliation; top right hand corner of ff 1–3 damaged; booklets gathered together in contemporary parchment binding.

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