Diocesan Court Proceedings

CUL: EDR B/2/35

f 28 (6 December)

Richardus Robertes
1. .
2. filij sui
Notatur for mainteyning of his three sonnes to profane the sabboth day by setting them to Daunce the morrice aboute the Towne he himselfe followeinge of them, & incouraginge them so to so doe.
Et 6. decembris 1615. exhibita Citacione originali per Willelmum Olecorne Apparitorem dictus Richardus Robertes Citatur, sed filij sui predicti perquisiti fuerunt et nullus eorum inventus qui omnes preconizati nulli comparent Richardus Robertes Suspensus decretus est pro filijs suis predictis vijs & modis &c. in proximo. et statim comparuit predictus Richardus Robertes fatetur yat he did soe, & they were yat dawnced but ‸⸢small⸣ children. cum pia monicione &c. dominus eum dimisit./


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    • paid 17 d.
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  • Footnotes
    • 1 … 5: encompassed with a brace pointing tofilij sui
    • 1615: underlined
  • Record Translation

    f 28 (27 September)

    Richard Robertes
    2. his children
    He is reported (English)
    And on 6 December 1615, with the original citation having been shown by William Olecorne, apparitor, the said Richard Robertes is cited, but his aforesaid children were sought and none of them found. All of them were summoned; none of them appeared. Richard Robertes was ordered suspended. For his children, by ways and means, etc, for the next (court day). And as soon as Richard Robertes appeared he confessed (English) The lord (judge) dismissed him with a solemn warning.


  • Document Description

    Record title: Diocesan Court Proceedings
    Repository: CUL
    Shelfmark: EDR B/2/35
    Repository location: Cambridge

    1614–18; Latin and English; paper; i + 263; 309mm x 204mm; modern foliation (additional letter between ff 57 and 58, ff 81, 82, 98, and 99 are separate letters, note between ff 251 and 252); fairly good condition; no cover, parchment binding strip reads 'EI.'

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