Diocesan Court Proceedings

CUL: EDR B/2/14

f 213–13v (14 August)


Thomas Newell
comparuit fatetur allegacionem
that they were at prayers
Notatur pro feodo proxime/
Presentatur for morras dauncing on ye sabbath daye/
Edwardus Ling pro consimili
Bartholomeus Cooper pro consimili |
Radulphus Mogges ⸢Barnes⸣ pro consimili
Robert Mogges pro consimili
Thomas Lambe pro consimili
Thomas proctor pro consimili
Willelmus shellye (blank)


  • Record Translation

    f 213-13v (14 August)


    Thomas Newell
    appeared. He acknowledges the allegation
    that they were at prayers
    °He confessed
    He is dismissed°
    He is noted for a fine at the next session
    A presentment is made for morris dancing on the sabbath day
    Edward Ling for the same
    Bartholomew Cooper for the same |
    Ralph Mogges ⸢Barnes⸣ for the same
    Robert Mogges for the same
    Thomas Lambe for the same
    Thomas proctor for the same
    William shellye (blank)


  • Document Description

    Record title: Diocesan Court Proceedings
    Repository: CUL
    Shelfmark: EDR B/2/14
    Repository location: Cambridge

    April 1593–August 1600; Latin and English; paper; i + 216; 252–302mm x 191–194mm; contemporary foliation (loose, unfoliated sheets inserted at ff 58 and 140); good condition; contemporary vellum binding, labelled in 18th/19th-c. hand 'O1 1593' and '4 Aprilis 1593 ad 18 Juni[u]s 1600,' in 20th-c. hand '1593 B2/14' and in older hand (likely contemporary) 'Pro decant Eliens,' parchment label on spine 'O1.'

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