Diocesan Court Proceedings

CUL: EDR B/2/10

f 6 (29 May)


Willelmus Typpin (Alehousekeper) he suffred a piper to be at his house with vther cumpanye, dawnseinge vppon Candlemas daye 1580. at the after none in service time./

xxixoo maij 1581. comparuit Typpin et negauit articulum ei obiectum esse verum, et allegauit se probare posse falsum esse articulum predictum supra dominus sic ei concesserit, vnde dominus assignauit ei ad probandum proxima curia / Et xxxo maij anno predicto comparuit Tippin et introduxit Richardum Sherlocke et Thomam Smithe de eadem villa in testes, qui iurati tactis &c dicunt That ye minstrell was in the churche there vppon the sayd Candlemas daye at eveninge prayre at ye beginninge thereof & at the end thereof alsoe, & yat they did ‸⸢soe⸣ see him there, but whether he contynewed there dueringe all the tyme of service then & there or noe they saye they cannot depose. vnde dominus cum pia monicione &c eum dimisit./

  • Footnotes
    • 1580: underlined
    • 1581: underlined
    • concesserit: for concessit (?)
  • Record Translation

    f 6 (29 May)



    On 29 May 1581, Typpin appeared and denied that the article charged against him was true, and claimed that he was able to prove that the article aforesaid above was false. The lord (judge) granted him (that it was) so. Wherefore the lord (judge) assigned him to prove (it) at the next court. And on 30 May of the year aforesaid, Typpin appeared and introduced Richard Sherlocke and Thomas Smithe of the same town as witnesses, who, being sworn, (the holy gospels having been) touched, say (English). Wherefore the lord (judge) dismissed him with a solemn warning, etc.

  • Document Description

    Record title: Diocesan Court Proceedings
    Repository: CUL
    Shelfmark: EDR B/2/10
    Repository location: Cambridge

    1581–3; Latin and English; paper; 127 leaves; 305mm x 205mm; foliation contemporary or soon after (1 leaf interleaved between ff 59v and 60, paper 140mm x 150mm pinned to f 98v); binding contemporary vellum: 'g' written on tape on spine, front cover reads: 'A booke of Actes vpon Presentmentes within the Deaconree of Elye and Wisbich beginning 29o May 1581 and ending 19o Decembris 1583o.'

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