Coroner's Report on John Hypper of Houghton

TNA: KB 9/608

single sheet (29 December)

Inquisicio Indentata capta apud howghton in Comitatu Suthamptoniensis xxixodie mensis Decembris Anno Regni Domine Elizabethe dei gracia Anglie ffrauncie & hibernie Regine fidei defensoris &c Sexto Coram Gilberto Mather coronatore Dicte Domine Regine in Comitatu predicto super visum corporis Iohannis hypper ‸⸢nuper de howghton predicta in comitatu predicto husbondi⸣ aliquando mortui iacenti per sacramentum Iohannis Stert Roberti Snowe Thome Mylles Willelmi Williams Roberti Austen Ricardi Burkley Willelmi Karcas Ricardi Barfoote Michaelis Symmons Thome Purdew Iohannis Goddard Iohannis Barfoote Iohannis Evans et Iohannis Colson Iuratorum Qui dicunt super sacramentum suum quod xxvjto die decembris Anno predicto dicte domine Regine circa horam sextam post meridiem eiusdem diei Ita accidit quod predictus Iohannes hypper cum diuersis allijs parochianis de howghton predicto fuit Ludens ‸⸢ad quosdam ludos vocato⸣ lez playnge Christenmas games in domo cuiusdam Thome purdew de howghton predicto husbandman Et quod predictus Iohannes hypper in ludendum et iocandum per infortunium et contra suam voluntatem stringebat seipsum et nocebat testiculum suum ‸⸢contra voluntatem suam⸣ vt ea occasione ac racione veteris infirmitatis in corpore suo prehabite nimio dolore immediate egrotus fuit et sic Languebat et egrotauit a dicto xxvjto die decembris Anno predicto vsque ad vicesimum octauum diem eiusdem mensis decembris extunc proxime sequentis/ Et eodem xxviijo die decembris Anno predicto apud howghton predictum in Comitatu predicto in domo sua propria ex occasione et infirmitate predictus circa horam terciam ante meridiem eiusdem diei obijt/ Et sic Iurati predicti dicunt super sacramentum suum quod predictus Iohannes hypper modo et forma predicta ad mortem suam devenit et non aliter/ In cuius rei testimonium huic Inquisicioni Indentate tam ego predictus Coronator quam Iurati predicti sigilla nostra alternatim apposuimus Datum die et Anno primo predicto/

°per infortunium°

  • Footnotes
    • Inquisicio: in display script
    • parochianis de howghton: ie, the parish of All Saints' church
    • lez playnge: partly erased
  • Record Translation

    single sheet (29 December)

    Indented inquiry taken at Houghton in the county of Hampshire on 29 December in the sixth year of the reign of the lady Elizabeth, by the grace of God, queen of England, France, and Ireland, defender of the faith, etc, before Gilbert Mather, coroner of the said lady queen in the aforesaid county, over the sight of the body of John Hypper, lying dead, formerly sometime husbandman of the aforesaid Houghton in the aforesaid county, by the oath of John Stert, Robert Snowe, Thomas Mylles, William Williams, Robert Austen, Richard Burkley, William Karcas, Richard Barfoote, Michael Symmons, Thomas Purdew, John Goddard, John Barfoote, John Evans, and John Colson, jurors, who say on their oath that on 26 December in the aforesaid year (of the reign) of the said lady queen around the hour of six after midday of the same day, it so happened that the aforesaid John Hypper, with various other parishioners of the aforesaid Houghton, was playing certain games called 'Christmas games' in the house of one Thomas Purdew of the aforesaid Houghton, husbandman, and that the aforesaid John Hypper, while playing and sporting, by misfortune and against his will, squeezed himself and injured his testicle against his will, so that, by that occurrence and by reason of an old sickness suffered previously in his body, with great pain he was immediately ill, and thus became weak and grew more ill, from the said 26 December of the aforesaid year to twenty-eighth day of the same month of December thereafter next following. And on the same 28 December of the aforesaid year at the aforesaid Houghton in the aforesaid county in his own house, the aforesaid (Hypper) died from that occurrence and illness around the third hour before midday of the same day. And so the jurors say on their oath that the aforesaid John Hypper came to his death in the aforesaid way and manner and not otherwise. In witness of this, I the aforesaid coroner as well as the aforesaid jurors have placed our seals in turn on this indented inquiry on the day and year first aforesaid.

    °By misfortune°

  • Glossed Terms
    • suthamptonienis, -is n f of Southampton
  • Document Description

    Record title: Coroner's Report on John Hypper of Houghton
    Repository: TNA
    Shelfmark: KB 9/608
    Repository location: Kew

    30 December 1563; Latin and English; parchment; 1 sheet, sewn into a guardbook containing proceedings for 1563; 321mm x 172mm; number 234 (not written on dorse) of items numbered 185–289; good condition; heavy white waxed cloth cover, label on front: 'Kings Bench. Instrumentss. Ancient. 608 Part I' with a second 'I' and '(2)' added in pencil.

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