Hampshire, Herriard, 17th Century
Jervoise of Herriard Collection, HRO: 44M69/J9/142

single sheet

A note what was geven Cleerlye to the churche without chardge


Receyved for hockinge moneye iiij s. vj d.


But the Churchmen made a kingale & bought to this aforesaid Divers ⸢other⸣ provisions vz. And layd out to minstreles & for other occasions herevnder apeares Vz. for total disbursed x li. xix s. j d.

of this they receyted againe for

4 shepe skins

2 lambe skins

1 calfe skin

Mault of Kember vj bushels at ij s. the bushel xij s.
Mault of Robert Naishe 7 bushels at that rate xiiij s.
Lambes 2 of Sir Richard Pouletes shepherd x s.
Shepe 2 of hack Robert hack xviij s. vj d.
Sheepe 2 of <..>y<.>e<.> woodyson mr loes man xix s. vj d.
Calfes i of kneller bought vij s.
meate bought at Alton by Creese ij s. x d.
2 quarter lambe & j quarter veale bought of creese iiij s. vj d.
To freeborne at twize xij s. viij d. for 2 <...>les for those <..>s<..>s v s.
To Iohn Swayne vj s. viij d.

5 <.> 7 s. 2 d.

5 l. xi xi

Spices bought at Redding v s. iij d.
At Alford by Goodwife wiste ij s. x d.
Butter iij d. Currantes v d. & spices
bought by Creese & Gd welman ij s. vj d.
°Thomas Creese his note°
xj s. iij d.

yt seemeth by <..> h<....>s

Recking that he receyted

at the syttinges &

lordes horse &c ix l. iiij s. ix d.

Layd out for a (blank) booke xj d.
ffor 8 dayes horse hier ij s. viij d.
for a loade of woode (blank)
for changing the vessell for a shachell &c. vij d.
for the ⸢<...>⸣ horse & <..> self at <...>s<..> at Redding vj d.
for C<.......> ij d.
for <...> hoppes v <.>
To <..> B<.......> iiij li. i s. iiij d.
To Thomas <...> for s<.>tt<.>s <....> <...> xij d.
Goodwife serrye for gathering 4 days xvj d.
Goodman Edwardes for <....>s the cl<....> of <...> <...> xvd.
  • Footnotes
    • of this … skin: written on right side of folio beginning on the same line as the payment for two lambs below
    • xviij s. vj d.: entire sum possibly intended for deletion
    • bought:possibly struck out
    • 5 <.> 7 … xi: 2 lines possibly encompassed by right brace; it is unclear to which line the monetary abbreviations apply
    • Gd: possibly for goodwife or goodman
    • yt seemeth … ix d.: written on right side of folio beginning on the same line as the sum of the previous table
  • Glossed Terms
    • clere adj and adv clear, without encumbrance, liability, debt, etc; net profit [OEDO clear adj, adv, and n 16.a]; cleare; clearely; clearlie; clearly; cleere; cleerelye; cleerlye; cler; clerely; clerelye; clerly; clerlye
    • gather v inf to collect, here used to refer specifically to the act of collecting money for the parish; gathered, gatherid, gatheryd pass;
    • kinge n in phr kinge ale, kingal, kingale, kingalle, kingeale, kyng ale, kyngale, kyngalle, kynge ale, kyngeale king ale, an inversion of order event in which a king — typically a local young man or farmer — was appointed to preside over the festival; kyng game, kynges game, king play, kynges play, kyng play synonymous with king ale; in phr king halle, kyng halle king hall, likely a bower built for the king of the king ale
    • redding n Reading, Berkshire
    • shachell n shackle(?)
    • twize adv in phr at twize at twice
  • Document Description

    Record title: Sir Richard Paulet's Memorandum on the St Mary's Herriard Churchwardens' Accounts
    Repository: Jervoise of Herriard Collection, HRO
    Shelfmark: 44M69/J9/142
    Repository location: Winchester

    The content of this document appears to be a fairly standard churchwardens' account of receipts and expenses. Since there are a number of crossings out and additions, this may be a draft of accounts to be entered in the parish's book of accounts (perhaps the 'booke' for which 12d was paid that year). The manuscript is both undated and unlocated, but it comes from the Jervoise of Herriard collection at the Hampshire Record Office. The hand is late sixteenth to early seventeenth century and a note on the verso, 'what I have reseved for the church,' resembles that of Sir Richard Paulet in his 'Parliamentary Diary.' The HRO catalogue identifies the church as Herriard's due to the mention of 'Sir Richard Pauletes shepherd' from whom the churchwardens bought two lambs for their king ale. This account is very similar to HRO: 44M69/J9/137, which includes a note by Thomas Jervoise, dated 1606 and titled 'what money ys towardes Herriard Church repairs: 1606.' However, it is possible that the parish involved is St Nicholas,' Freefolk, where Paulet is buried. He held the manor of Freefolk as well as Herriard, and his accounts seem to place him at Freefolk more often than at Herriard.

    late 16th c.–early 17th c.; English; paper; single sheet; 271mm x 178mm; Herriard Collection stamp twice on each side, side with account transcribed also carries HRO shelfmark in pencil, and pencilled '8' – presumably item number in a bundle.

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