Hampshire, Newport, 1583–4

Ligger Book

Isle of Wight Record Office and Archive: NBC/45/2

f 36 (29 September–29 September) (Charges)


Item paid Tawlbott for mendinge the Bvll ringe & a Clampe xvij d.


Item paid Water Tawlbott for a new bull ringe xij d.


Item paidd for leade for the bull ringe xiij d.


  • Footnotes
    • Bvll: v written over another letter
  • Document Description

    Record title: Ligger Book
    Repository: Isle of Wight Record Office and Archive
    Shelfmark: NBC/45/2
    Repository location: Newport

    Newport's Ligger Book was created in 1567 by bailiffs William Porter and John Serle, who copied items of interest and significance to the town from other sources over a two-year period. Later bailiffs added to the book on occasion over the next two centuries, including corporation accounts for the years 1580 to 1596, following the usual Michaelmas to Michaelmas accounting year. The beginning of the book includes a list of town officials and the forms of their oaths, and starting at f 16 descriptions of 'auncient' customs and practices of the town.

    1567–1799; English; paper; ii + 201 + iii; 391mm x 277mm; ink foliation; damaged and repaired; modern brown hardcover with gold edging, title on spine: 'Newport Old Leigger. Sundry Proceedings Between 1460 and 1717.' Signed by Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip in 1965 on second flyleaf.

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