Sir John Oglander's Notes and Accounts

Isle of Wight Record Office and Archive: OG/AA/28

f 52 (27 June–10 July) (Disbursements)


for seeinge of Poppett playes my wyfe and Children at nuport 0–5–0


  • Endnote

    The Oglander family was resident at Nunwell House.

    This record appears on f 52 of the section of the manuscript foliated in pencil.

    The 'Poppett playes' may have been a performance of 'the Chaos' by William Sands and his company of puppet players; see Newport Convocation Book, 1628/9 for other evidence of this company's visits to the Isle of Wight.

  • Document Description

    Record title: Sir John Oglander's Notes and Accounts
    Repository: Isle of Wight Record Office and Archive
    Shelfmark: OG/AA/28
    Repository location: Newport

    Sir John Oglander (1585–1655) was deputy governor of the Isle of Wight and represented the island borough of Yarmouth in parliament. He lived at Nunwell House near Brading. This manuscript is one of a series of notebooks in which he entered accounts, memories, maxims, quotations, and observations on people and things of the Isle of Wight.

    This manuscript is formerly OG/90/3.

    Midsummer 1629–November 1631; English; paper; i + 130; 290mm x 190mm; written from both ends, one end uses ink foliation (possibly Oglander's) starting on second leaf, 1–54, the other end uses modern pencil foliation to f 77 (which is written on the verso of f 54 from the other end); original brown leather cover over cardboard, no title on cover but on flyleaf is 'S: Ioh: Oglanders: | Booke of Accoumpts: | :1628.'

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