Sir Richard Paulet's Household Accounts

Jervoise of Herriard Collection, HRO: 44M69/E4/40

f [1v] (London)

Paid 13 November for d Ridleis bookes ij s. and for a boke of playrs of ye widow of watlingstreet & the playe of the Daye of Iudgment at lyens v d. ij s. v d.

Paid at london by me for 3 yardes quarter of blacke clothe for a cloke iij li. xviij s....

  • Marginalia
    • 13
    • Bokes
    • 14. to .17
  • Glossed Terms
    • ridleis n pl in phr ridleis booke riddle book, a book of riddles(?)
  • Endnote

    The Paulet family was resident at Freefolk.

    The play of 'ye widow of watlingstreet' is Thomas Middleton's The Puritan Widow, recently performed by Paul's boys (Gary Taylor and John Lavagnino (eds), Thomas Middleton, Vol 2: Thomas Middleton and Early Modern Textual Culture: A Companion to the Collected Works (Oxford, September 2012), 358, doi:10.1093/actrade/ 'the playe of the Daye of Iudgment at lyens' is not in fact a play, but a tract about an elaborate morality play presented by Jesuits at Lyon in France on 7 and 8 August 1607 (Edward Arber (ed), A Transcript of the Registers of the Company of Stationers of London. 1554–1640 A.D. Volume III (London, 1876), 159). The end of the performance was disturbed by a powerful thunderstorm, which Protestants saw as a sign of God's wrath against the Jesuits (The Jesuites play at Lyons in France, as it was there presented. Both to the amazement of the Beholders, and the destruction of the Actors, in August last past. Credibly informed by a Factors Letter (who was an eye witnesse) to his right worshipful Maister in London (London, 1607; STC: 21514), D2–D2v).

  • Document Description

    Record title: Sir Richard Paulet's Household Accounts
    Repository: Jervoise of Herriard Collection, HRO
    Shelfmark: 44M69/E4/40
    Repository location: Winchester

    Sir Richard Paulet (c 1558–1614) was the grandnephew of William Paulet (1474/5?–1572), first marquess of Winchester and longtime lord treasurer under three Tudor monarchs. Richard Paulet inherited estates at Herriard, south of Basingstoke, and Freefolk, near Whitchurch. He served multiple times as sheriff of Hampshire and in parliament for Whitchurch. For further details see the section on Hampshire families in Historical Background.

    The contents of these accounts are similar to others in this series of accounts, except that these are all personal, dealing mainly with clothes and gifts, rather than with the whole estate.

    1607–10; English; paper; 31 leaves; 103mm x 155mm; unnumbered; parchment cover made from a musical score (much faded), with cloth tie, no title, last 7 folios are receipts, written reversed from the opposite end.

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