Overseers of the Poor

Jervoise of Herriard Collection, HRO: 44M69/G3/162

single sheet

These are in all humblenes to Certifie your Worshipps that there are some v or vj people of <..>s<.> A⸢the⸣ Condicon ‸⸢ii of⸣ of mussissiens, who were ‸⸢late⸣ at the Inne in boorne some & dayes at the lest & there drewe ‸⸢much⸣ peope of base Condicion ⸢as well⸣ hath vpon the Saboth dayes as other dayes. And nowe are Come againe and are Remayning at the howse of Elizabeth Gosling widdowe who keepeth a very disorddered howse & doth entertayn all Comers. this woman hath benn often warned to forbear selling & the last night at xj or xij ⸢a clock⸣ at night this fidleres, neighbours, of & some of other partes, were ther in great disorder. the names of these people we know not. & do presume yf wee should enquier thire names they will all flye/ The place ys & hath benn very Rude. & the Lordes day greatly profaned. yf your worshipps will bee pleased to graunt a Warrent for the Elizabeth Gosling & these partyes yt ys ⸢very⸣ willy likly they will bee ther this night: yt shalbe followed at will <..> <....> presume to Certefie your worshipp the Rather by this writing for that your worshipps wishes ys so to do. at our being at ffryvok so having yt to your worshipps good Consideracion do Rest

St. Mary bourne this 15 of Iuly 1619

your worshipps do' to be Comaunded

Robert Billitt
The Mark of William Poor
of the poore

If your worshipp send any warrent

wee humbly desire yt may bee

directed to the tythingmen of

Boorne & Swampton or to thir


  • Marginalia
    • men & women://
  • Footnotes
    • peope: for people
    • ffryvok: Freefolk, Jervoise's Hampshire residence
    • St. Mary … 1619: written partly in left margin
    • Mark: followed by Poor's personal mark
    • Robert...Poor: names encompassed by brace pointing right
  • Glossed Terms
    • condicon n condition
    • musesen n musician; mosition; muscon; musitan; musithian; mussisione; mussissien; musycan; musycon; musysion; mutitian; mysysion
  • Document Description

    Record title: Overseers of the Poor
    Repository: Jervoise of Herriard Collection, HRO
    Shelfmark: 44M69/G3/162
    Repository location: Winchester

    This manuscript appears to have been directed by the overseers of St Mary Bourne to Sir Thomas Jervoise as one of the justices of the peace for Hampshire. The parish of St Mary Bourne is located a few miles to the west of Jervoise's manor of Freefolk but was part of the estate of the Oxenbridge family of Hurstbourne Priors.

    15 July 1619; English; paper; single sheet; 317mm x 200mm; text side: HRO shelfmark in pencil and pencilled '26,' as well as Herriard Collection stamp, reverse also has stamp and in a different, more italic, hand: '1619 ye officer of St Mary Born complain against Sabboth breakiig to Sir T Jervoyse.'

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