Steward's Account

Southampton City Archives: SC5/1/29

f 25v (29 September–29 September)

Item payd by the commondyment off mr holles beyng mayere to ij men that went to wenchester and salysbere ffor p the provycyon off wytualls to the kyngeses army xx d.


Item payd the kynges <.> trompetteres that Came by water with hym vj s. viij d.
Item to the kynges menstrelles then vj s. viij d.
Item payd to the waytes off sarum xij d.
Item ffor that master stonard mayre payd to a berreward ffor his game v s.
Item ffor that he payd to the bulle bettenges att dyuerse tymes ffyndyng ij s.


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      [Footnote: extracta … auditores: deleted by the auditors]

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    • extracta … auditores: deleted by the auditors
  • Glossed Terms
    • salysbere n Salisbury
    • wytuall n victual
    • bettenge vb n in phr bulle bettenge bull baiting
  • Endnote

    The mayor this year was Peter Stonehard or Stoner, not 'mr holles' (Butler, Book of Fines, vol 1, p 180). The mayor's accounts in the Book of Fines include payments in the same amounts to the king's trumpeters and minstrels (see Book of Fines, 1512–13), but lack the information about the king coming by water. Nor does the Book of Fines include the payment to the waits of Sarum. The accounts for this year do not include the waits among the officers who received liveries, so the Salisbury waits may have been called upon to provide music for the king and the army. The auditors cancelled the payment to the bearward without explanation.

  • Document Description

    Record title: Steward's Account
    Repository: Southampton City Archives
    Shelfmark: SC5/1/29
    Repository location: Southampton

    The accounts run from Michaelmas to Michaelmas and cover all areas of civic receipt and expenditure, from land rents to annual payments to civic officials, costs of construction and repair of town structures, and rewards to visiting performers. See the introduction to Thick (ed), Southampton Steward's Book, pp iii–xlvi. Thick's edition of the 1492–3 accounts includes full transcriptions of those documents, including records relating to drama and minstrelsy.

    1512–13; English with some Latin; paper; 30 leaves; 305mm x 210mm; modern pencil foliation; good condition; original parchment cover.

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