Southampton City Archives: PR4/2/1

f 8 (29 September–29 September) (Receipts)


Item for mony gathered by the wives at hocketide 1568 remayning in thandes of mr buck x s.
Item for mony gathered by the wives at hocketide 1569 remayning in mr buckes handes ix s.


  • Endnote

    'mr buck,' one of the churchwardens for this year, may be Thomas Bucke, a merchant of St Lawrence's parish, who became a burgess of Southampton in 1560–1 (Butler, Book of Fines, vol 2, p 38).

  • Document Description

    Record title: St Lawrence's Churchwardens' Accounts
    Repository: Southampton City Archives
    Shelfmark: PR4/2/1
    Repository location: Southampton

    The accounts run from Michaelmas to Michaelmas.

    1567–1743; English; paper; i + 360 + i; 291mm x 198mm; modern pencil foliation followed (though some older ink pagination); crest of Great Britain stamped on the front and back covers; good condition, but cover rather battered; leather-covered cardboard cover, probably contemporary with manuscript, 2 leather and metal clasps originally, but only the fittings on the covers remain, title on cloth tape on spine: 'S. LAURENCE | ACCOUNTS | 1567–1743.'

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