Mayor's Book

Southampton City Archives: SC2/1/7

f 37v


ffridaye the xiijth of

November 1607

This daye it is ordered and agreed vppon that the Towne musitians in Number fower ⸢five⸣ of them shall haue this yeare and so euery h yeare hereafter each of them a blacke Liuereye Coat: at the Townes charges And they are to giue there wordes to mr maior &c the one for the other that if anie one of them shall happen to depart the Towne and leaue the Companie then to leaue there Liuery in mr maiors handes to theintent it maye serue for an other that shall come to serue in his place

This daye order is giuen vnto mr Arthur baker to buye the Townes Liueryes and ouer and aboue the last yeres to make prouision for iij Coates more for the Musitians


f 39


ffridaye the xjth Decenmbris

1607 in thafternoone

This daye the Towne Liueryes were delivered And two Scuttchins of siluer to the musitians The Liuereys at x s. the yard one with thother to be paid at thanuntiation next by the Towne/

These two Scuttchins of siluer with the Townes Armes Namely iii Roases and H and a tonne wayeth fower onzes and a quartr were delivered to m william Greene and william Tompson musitians They take vppon them h seuerally in ffortie shillinges sterling to see them at all tymes hereafter forthcominge to be delivered to the vse of the corporation

To five musitians ffor Liuery coates (blank)

f 39v (18 December 1607)


This daye the wife of Richard hellyer brought to the howse a child named Iohn Sopp sonn of (blank) Sopp a hattmaker sometimes dwellinge in this Towne, but now dead in london as s. she sayeth: and the mother of it dyed of the plague the last visitacion in this Towne/ She sayeth that she receaued the childe of Goodye Tompson the musitians wife/ She farther aleadgeth that mr Sherwood Alderman hath in his handes somme howshold stuffe of the said Soppe, for vj s. debt: Whervppon mr sherwood is requested to cause these thinges to be brought to the howse and he to receaue his monie and the rest of the thinges to be appraised and sould to the vttmost towardes the mayntenence of the childe: which he hath promissed to doe, And hervppon the woeman is bidd goe hoame with the childe, vntill farther conferaunce


f 41 (22 January 1607/8)

This daye Nichollas yewens of waltham brought a litle boye named Nichollas ffryce the sonn of Robert ffryce porter deceased to the howse which he hath kept euer sithence mr neveys Maioraltye at x d. a weeke./ And confesseth himselfe well satisfied and now deliuereth vpp the childe into the Townes hands: Whervuppon the said boye was bounde apprentice in the howse vnto William Greene the Musitian for vntill he shall accomplishe the age of xxiiijor yeares/ when is promissed to haue xx s. with him at thanuntiation next And soe he is contented

Whervppon he was intreated to keep the childe till our Ladye daye next at x d. a weake and betwene this and that a Master shalbe prouied for him

This daye Iohn Sopp the sonn of (blank) Sopp late of this Towne ffeltmaker brought to the howse by Richard hellyer and his wife was deliuered to William greene the musitian to be bounde with him fo till he shall attaine tothe yeres of xxiiijer yeares And the said greene is to haue xx s. in monie with him by our Ladye daye next/ whervnto the said greene consenteth and taketh the childe with him

  • Marginalia
    • Mr maior
      mr cornishe
      mr hepton
      mr Elliott
      mr Aspten
      mr nevey
      mr longe
      mr Greene
    • Mr maior
      mr cornishe
      mr Elliott
      mr Aspten
      mr nevey
      mr Longe
      mr Greene
    • xl bande
    • Iohn Sopp
    • Richard hellyer
    • The child is bound
      apprentice to
      william Greene
      the musitian for
      till he shall attaine
      thage of xxiiij yeres
      & to haue xx s. in monie at
      next 1608

      [Footnote: 1608: underlined in MS]

    • mr Sherwood
    • Nichollas Yewens
    • Nichollas ffryce
    • This child
      was delivered vpp
      to master maior
      at his howse
      vppon the xxvth daye
      of Marche
      1608: by this Nicholas
      yewens/ &
      ouer vnto
      Peter heravill
      thelder for 3.
      yeres in
      consideration whereof
      he is allowed
      to Tipple &
      to haue vj s. viij d. towarde his apparell.
    • Iohn Sopp
    • William Greene
    • xxiiij yeres
    • xx s.
  • Footnotes
    • 1607: underlined in MS
    • musitians: 6 minims for mu
    • forthcominge: 4 minims for min; no abbreviation mark
    • sometimes: 3 minims for im
    • 1608: underlined in MS
    • is: obscured by smudge
    • prouied: for prouided
  • Glossed Terms
    • scuttchin n scutcheon; skochon
    • onze n ounce
  • Endnote

    On f 37v the two entries concerning musicians are separated by a horizontal line across the folio. Two of the musicians had already been given their livery coats, presumably William Greene and William Tompson, who appeared to be the leaders of the troupe (see the record of 11 December 1607, in which Greene and Tompson are given two silver scutcheons).

    Connor writes of the 'scutchins' on f 39: 'The three roses are of course part of the blazon of the town arms; the H and tun are a reference to Hamtun, a form of the name by which the town was still known at this time' (Southampton Mayor's Book, p 110, n 392). The scutcheons still exist among the corporation plate and a photograph of one appears on the cover of Burch, Minstrels and Players.

    The entire entry concerning John Sopp on f 39v has been struck though. According to Connor, the plague referred to must have occurred in 1604 (Southampton Mayor's Book, p 111, n 404).

    The first entry on f 41 appears to be in error. It seems likely that Greene was never intended to take Fryce as an apprentice but that the scribe mistook the Fryce case for Sopp's, which follows immediately after, and cancelled the erroneous reference to Greene. Of course it is possible that the council did intend to apprentice Fryce to Greene as well and then changed their minds, so that the reference to Greene was cancelled and the note about finding Fryce a master was added before turning to Sopp's case. The marginal note that assigns the boy to Heravill was almost certainly added at a later date.

  • Document Description

    Record title: Mayor's Book
    Repository: Southampton City Archives
    Shelfmark: SC2/1/7
    Repository location: Southampton

    Although titled 'Mayors Book' on the cover by an eighteenth-century hand, this is in effect the first of the assembly books (City Archives: SC2/1/6, 8–14) that contain minutes of the actions taken by the mayor and council. SC2/1/6 includes a few notes from 1603 to 1608, but contains minutes only from 1608 onward, picking up from the end of this mayor's book. The minutes cover the whole range of actions taken by the council, with the date and council members present indicated for each meeting.

    17 October 1606–22 January 1608; English; paper; 42 leaves; 397mm x 145mm; modern pencil foliation; good condition; contemporary paper cover, with title inked on front: 'Mayors Book | 1606,' with '7' added in pencil, probably by same hand that pencilled the City Archives shelfmark lower on front cover, at top of f 1: '1606/ Tempore Iohannis Cornishe | Maioris ville Suthampton | A festo Sancte Michaellis Archi' Anno quarto Regis Iacobi Anglie fraunc' et hibernie et Scotie Quadragesimo/.'

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