Court Leet Books

Southampton City Archives: SC6/1/37

f 16v (9 May)


Item wee presente that it is verie Conveynient That the towne hall be Clensed of the olde Rushes that hathe ther layne manie yeres in soe muche that when ther is anie occasion of an assemblie (especiallie in the Summer) with evill Savor therof Is Caused a gloumye infectious heate That few can suffer the same, Besides manie inconveyniences of fleas and other beastlie thinges which wee desier maie be partlie onder taken Alsoe the table benches and seates ought to be amended by the Ioyner or Carpenter and the greate table to be new Covered with Clothe, The spoyle therof is Cheifelie occasioned by the sufferinge of Stage players to acte their enterludes ther, which draweth greate Concourse of disordered people bothe by daie and nighte: Be it therfore ordered That hereafter yf anie suche stage Or poppett plaiers must be admitted in this towne That they provide their places for their representacions in their Innes or el<..> where they can best provide But euer be debarred for vseinge the like in the Towne hall


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    • Or: O written over p
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    Southampton's 'town hall' was the hall over the Bargate, the main gate into the town from the north, which still stands today (VCH: Hampshire, vol 3, pp 490–524, British History Online, [accessed 20 May 2018]).

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    Record title: Court Leet Books
    Repository: Southampton City Archives
    Shelfmark: SC6/1/37
    Repository location: Southampton

    The court leet met annually to hear complaints by individuals against each other concerning trade regulations, sanitation, the town defences, and other subjects of dispute. See Hearnshaw and Hearnshaw, Southampton Court Leet Records, 3 pts, for further discussion and transcriptions of the records.

    9 May 1620; paper; English and Latin; 25 leaves; 324mm x 197mm; original ink foliation; good condition; original paper cover.

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