Hampshire, Winchester, 1513–14

Diet or Refectorian's Accounts of St Swithun's Priory

HRO: DC/A5/5/2

mb [1] (29 September–29 September)


...In vino misso Episcopo Iuuenum xij d....


  • Marginalia
  • Record Translation

    mb [1] (29 September–29 September)


    ...On wine given to the bishop of the boys, 12d...


  • Glossed Terms
    • episcopus, -i n m bishop; ~ puerorum, ~ iuuenum boy bishop, a boy, originally a choirboy in a cathedral or other collegiate church or a student in an almonry school, chosen to act as a mock bishop in liturgical and other observances on the feast of St Nicholas or of the Holy Innocents
    • iuuenis, -is adj young; as subst a youth, young person, in CL a young adult; here, a boy; see episcopus
  • Endnote

    The meaning of 'Cappis' is not entirely clear. The same word appears after the name of each of the feast days from 26 to 29 December, and it appears in DC/A5/1 in the entry for 1492 as 'cappis' with no abbreviation mark. We have translated 'cappis' as 'with copes,' believing that this may indicate a 'dies caparum,' a special feast day when the monks would wear copes (R.E. Latham and D.R. Howlett (comps), Dictionary of Medieval Latin from British Sources, sv 'dies,' 8a and 'cappa,' 5d).

  • Document Description

    Record title: Diet or Refectorian's Accounts of St Swithun's Priory
    Repository: HRO
    Shelfmark: DC/A5/5/2
    Repository location: Winchester

    The refectorian received foodstuffs from the hordarian and passed them on to the kitchener. The account gives details of what was consumed each day. Both the top and bottom of the roll have been lost, so it lacks both the heading and colophon that would have provided the date. The Hampshire Record Office identifies the date thus: 'the roll records Easter as on 16 April. This dates the roll to 1441, 1503, 1514 or 1525. Other internal evidence indicates that it must refer to Easter 1514 (eg the creation of Henry Broke as sub-prior for the first time). As the roll covers the period from Michaelmas to Michaelmas, the date of this roll must be 1513–1514.'

    This manuscript was formerly housed at Winchester Cathedral Library, shelfmark W53/13/7.

    1513–14; Latin; parchment; 5 membranes, attached serially, written both sides; 295mm x 670–815mm; very delicate condition with pieces lost at the edges and holes, section with relevant record in good condition.

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