City Account Roll

HRO: W/E1/8

mb [3d] (29 September–29 September) (External expenses)

...In donis duobus ministrallis Comitis Kantie .xx. d.... In donis tribus ministrallis Episcopi Wyntoniensis ij. s.... In donis tribus ministrallis de Hampton .xviij. d. In donis tribus ministrallis de Sarum .xviij. d. In donis tribus ministrallis <...>ens .ij. s.... In donis cuidam ministrallo Domini Regis preceptum maioris xx d....

  • Footnotes
    • Episcopi Wyntoniensis: William of Wykeham 1324–1404, bishop of Winchester (1366–1404)
    • Regis preceptum maioris: ad or per likely missing before preceptum
  • Record Translation

    mb [3d] (29 September–29 September) (External expenses)

    ...In gifts to two minstrels of the earl of Kent, 20d.... In gifts to three minstrels of the bishop of Winchester, 2s.... In gifts to three minstrels of (South) Hampton, 18d. In gifts to three minstrels of Salisbury, 18d. In gifts to three minstrels <...>ens, 2s.... As a gift to a certain minstrel of the lord king by order of the mayor, 20d....

  • Glossed Terms
    • Wintoniensis, -is n f of Winchester; Wyntoniensis, -is
  • Document Description

    Record title: City Account Roll
    Repository: HRO
    Shelfmark: W/E1/8
    Repository location: Winchester

    The city account rolls record all of the city's income and expenditures. Income comes primarily from annual rents and rates, as well as special levies. Expenditures include the whole range of civic responsibilities, including construction and maintenance of civic structures, annual payments to civic officials, and rewards given to local nobility and gentry (and to their performers). The account rolls up to 1420 incorporate the accounts of several officials (including the mayor, bagmen, aldermen, and clerk of the market), as the chamberlains had not yet been recognized as responsible for all civic finances. The accounting period runs from Michaelmas to Michaelmas.

    1394–5; Latin; parchment; 3 membranes attached at the top; 170–610mm x 125–240mm; 2 scraps attached to mb [2], mb [1] written on 1 side only; modern paper wrapper with dates and names of officers.

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