Hampshire, Winchester, 1610–11

Chamberlains' Accounts

HRO: W/E1/117

mbs [9–9d] (29 September–29 September) (External expenses)

...Et in soluto Dato Tubicinarijs Domini Regis hoc Anno x s.... Datum Clerico Mercati Domini Regis tempore quo Dominus Rex fuit apud Andiver pro feodo suo hoc Anno xx s.... pro uno le packet ad portandum literas ad Curiam Domini Regis tempore quo Curia Domini Regis fuit apud Bewley hoc Anno iij s.... Dato lusoribus prenobilis Principis Henrici Principis Wallie hoc Anno xx s.... tribus hominibus laborantibus in portando in pendendo Arma Regis apud Westgate tempore quo Dominus Rex quitavit per Ciuitatem hoc Anno ij s.... Dato Phillippo Adams le post master Ciuitatis pro duobus equis continue paratis ad itinerandum ad | Curiam Domini Regis apud ‸⸢Bewley preter et ultra pertium Domini Regis hoc Anno xiij s. iiij d.⸣ Westgate tempore quo Dominis Rex equitavit per Ciuitatem hoc Anno ij s.... Laborar' ad Caryandum le Rubbishe in alto vico Ciuitatis vsitate in adventu Domini Regis per Ciuitatem hoc Anno iiij d....


  • Footnotes
    • pertium: for parcorum (?)
  • Record Translation

    mbs [9–9d] (29 September–29 September) (External expenses)

    ...And in payment given to the lord king's trumpeters this year, 10s.... Given to the lord king's clerk of the market for his fee at the time when the lord king was at Andover this year, 20s.... For a packet for carrying letters to the lord king's court at the time when the lord king's court was at Beaulieu this year, 3s.... Given to the players of the right honourable Henry, the prince of Wales, 20s.... To three men for work on the carrying and hanging of the king's arms at the West Gate at the time when the lord king rode through the city this year, 2s.... Given to Phillip Adams the city postmaster for two horses standing ready to travel to | the lord king's court at Beaulieu beyond and on the further side of the lord king's parks this year, 13s 4d the West Gate at the time when the lord king rode through the city in this year, 2s.... To labourers/a labourer, for carrying the rubbish used in the High Street of the city, at the coming of the lord king through the city this year, 4d....


  • Glossed Terms
    • caryandum, -i vb n nt var of carriandum [carriare DML]
  • Endnote

    All these payments concern the king's visit to Winchester while on progress in this year, as indicated in deleted payment that was made when 'Dominis Rex equitavit p{er} Ci{ui}tatem hoc Anno.' The king's parks (parcorum 'Domini Regis') refers to the New Forest, which was made a royal forest by King William I in 1079 (John R. Wise, The New Forest: Its History and Its Scenery (London, 1863), 21).

  • Document Description

    Record title: Chamberlains' Accounts
    Repository: HRO
    Shelfmark: W/E1/117
    Repository location: Winchester

    The chamberlains' account rolls record all of the city's income and expenditures. Income comes primarily from annual rents and rates, as well as special levies. Expenditures include the whole range of civic responsibilities, including construction and maintenance of civic structures, annual payments to civic officials, and rewards given to local nobility and gentry (and to their performers). The accounting year runs from Michaelmas to Michaelmas.

    1610–11; Latin; parchment; 9 membranes attached serially, writing continues on mb [9d], ending on mb [6d]; 420–555mm x 305mm; 19th-c. paper wrapping with date and names of mayor and city officers inscribed.

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