Coffer Account Book

HRO: W/E6/1

p 111 (22 August)


Taken owt of the Cofers xx s. which is given vnto him ‸⸢Hugh Wil<.>ins⸣ to take James Beale the sonne of James Beale musition a pore boy that begged from dore to dore to be his Apprentice and he is to give his owne bond for the teaching of his trade and for his educacion xx s.


  • Marginalia
    • 13 Augusti 1624 paid into the cofors againe of this x s. and he is to paie the other x s. the next yere
  • Glossed Terms
    • cofor n coffer
  • Endnote

    This record shows that Winchester still felt a responsibility for the son of the leader of the city's official musicians. In Southampton several poor children were apprenticed to musicians, but the occupation of Hugh Wilkins, if that was his name, remains unknown.

  • Document Description

    Record title: Coffer Account Book
    Repository: HRO
    Shelfmark: W/E6/1
    Repository location: Winchester

    These account books record transactions into and from the city coffer, the city's depository for its treasures, which was kept in the council house. Each entry is signed by the mayor of the time and by those of his brethren who were present. All 'paid in' entries are bound into the books before all 'taken out' entries. In August 1590 the council house was entered and the locked settle in which the coffer was kept was broken into. The coffer, several silver seals, the city's seal, coin to the value of £80, and plate, bonds, and stock, '& the bookes of accompte,' were stolen. So a new Coffer Account Book had to be started and the first few pages contain a summary of debts owed by various citizens to the coffer and other important financial information which had been originally recorded in the stolen accounts. In Proceedings Book A, W/B2/2, on f 1v, there is a record dated 20 November 1591 of the payment of a reward of 5s to a servant called Mr Clerke, who found some of the stolen items, including 'certaine writinges,' in November 1591.

    1590–1627/8; English; paper; ii + 122 + ii; 288mm x 200mm; modern pencil pagination on rectos only; original parchment binding retained inside modern black leather binding, title on both board and spine: 'City of Winchester Coffer Accounts 1589 to 1627.'

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