Articles regarding the Plague for the Privy Council

BL: Lansdowne 74

single sheet


That for avoydinge of great concourse of people, Which causeth increase of thinfection, yt were convenient, that all Playes, Bearebaytinges, Cockpittes, common Bowlinge alleyes, and suche like vnnecessarie assemblies should be suppressed duringe the tyme of infection, for that infected people, after theire longe keepinge in, and before they be clered of theire disease and infection, beinge desirous of recreacion, vse to resort to suche assemblies, where throughe heate and thronge, they infecte manie sound personnes./


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    Record title: Articles regarding the Plague for the Privy Council
    Repository: BL
    Shelfmark: Lansdowne 74
    Repository location: London

    The Burghley Papers include an undated list of twelve advisory provisions sent by the Privy Council to London authorities to prevent the spread of the plague. The eighth provision suggests that all plays, bearbaitings, cockpits, bowling alleys, and 'suche like vnnecessarie assemblies' be suppressed. The suggested dating is during the plague year 1593 but the Privy Council Register needed to confirm the date is missing from 26 August 1593 to 1 October 1595.

    For an abstract of the document and details of its transcription history, see the related EMLoT event record.

    c 1593; English; paper; single sheet; 335mm x 440mm; unnumbered; good condition; endorsed on verso: 'Aduices to decrease the Plage & to relieve the poore vagarant people.' Now folded in half, foliated ff 75–6, mounted on a binding strip and bound with other Burghley papers in a brown cloth binding with brown leather spine and corners, title on spine: 'BURGHLEY | PAPERS. | 1593| BRIT. MUS. | LANSDOWNE| MS. | 74.'

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