Privy Council Letter to the Lord Mayor and JPs of Middlesex and Surrey

TNA: PC 2/25

p 230 (22 June) (Greenwich)


Lettres of this tenour to the Lord Maiour of London, the Iustices of the peace of the Counties of Midlesex and Surrey. By occasion of some Complaintes that of late haue bin made vnto vs of the multitude of houses seruinge for Common stage playes in and aboute the Citty of London, and of the greate abuses and disorders growen by the ouermuch haunte and resorte of many licentious people vnto those houses and places, we haue entred into Consideracion of some fitt course to be taken for redresse of thesaide disorders by suppressing dyuers of those houses and by some restrainte of the imoderate vse of the plaies. ffor which cause wee haue sett downe certaine orders to be duely henceforth obserued, and kept, a Copy whereof we sende yow hereinclosed and haue sent the like to the Lord Maiour of London. and to the Iustices of the peace of Middlesex But as wee haue done our partes in prescribinge the orders so vnlesse yow perfourme yours in lookinge to the due execution of them. we shall loose our labour, and the wante of redresse must be imputed vnto yow, and others vnto whome it apperteyneth. And therefore wee doe hereby authorize and require yow to see the saide orders to be putt in execucion, and to be Continued as yow do wish the Amendement of the aforesaide abuses; and will remoue the blame thereof from yourselues./. And so &c.


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    The list of names in the left marginalia accounts for those in attendance at the Privy Council meeting on 22 June 1600.

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    Record title: Privy Council Letter to the Lord Mayor and JPs of Middlesex and Surrey
    Repository: TNA
    Shelfmark: PC 2/25
    Repository location: Kew

    The letter on page 230 relates to the order by the Privy Council on the same day restricting the number of playhouses.

    For an abstract of the document and details of its transcription history, see the related EMLoT event record.

    23 January 1599/1600–7 December 1600; English; paper; ii + 261 + ii; 428mm x 283mm; ink pagination 1–447, 38 unnumbered leaves (19th-c. index in a different hand); many leaves damaged and repaired; bound in maroon leather over boards, tooled, gold-stamped title on spine: 'ELIZABETH. | VOL. XVI. | COUNCIL | REGISTER. | 23. JAN. 1600. | TO | 7.DEC 1600.'

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    The National Archives of the UK, PC 2/25

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