Privy Council Letter to the JPs of Surrey

TNA: PC 2/14

p 477 (29 October) (Richmond)


A lettre to the Iustices of Surry: that whereas thinhabitaunts of Southwa<..> had complained vnto their Lordshipes declaring that thorder by their Lordshipes sett downe for the restrayning of plaies and enterludes within that Countie on the Saboath daies is not obserued, and especiallie within the libertie of the Clincke and in the parish of St Sauours in Southwarke: which disordir is to be ascribed to the negligence of some of the Iustices of peace in yat countie: They are required to take such stricte order for the staying of the said disorder, as is allreadie taken by the Lord Maior within the liberties of the cittie, so as the same be not hereafter suffred at the times forbidden in any place of that Countie/

  • Endnote

    The Rose was probably completed and operating by October at the latest this year. As the first playhouse erected on Bankside in the liberty of the Clink, it must have attracted the complaints of some inhabitants in the neighbourhood.

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    Record title: Privy Council Letter to the JPs of Surrey
    Repository: TNA
    Shelfmark: PC 2/14
    Repository location: Kew

    For an abstract of the document and details of its transcription history, see the related EMLoT event record.

    19 February 1585/6–1 November 1587; English; paper; ii + 282 + ii; 342mm x 225mm; ink pagination 1A, 1–480 ([481] blank, followed by 6 blank 19th-c. leaves and 36 unnumbered leaves, index in a different hand); good condition; bound in worn maroon leather over boards, tooled, title on spine in gilt: '<.....>BETH. | VOL. VIII<..>. | COUNCIL | REGISTER. | 15. MAY 1589. | TO | 6 APR. 1590.'

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    The National Archives of the UK, PC 2/14

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