Archdeacon John Fulnetby's Visitation Articles

STC: 10336

sig B3 (Touching the churchwardens and sidemen)


...And whether you or your predecessors. Church-wardens there, suffer any Playes, Feasts, Drinkings, or any other profa<..> vsages, to be kept in your Church, Chappell, or Church-yards, or haue suffered to you<.> and their vttermost power and endeauour, any person or persons to be tipling or drinking in any Inne or Victualling house in your Parish, during the time of Divine Seruice or Sermon, on Sundayes and Holydayes?

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    Record title: Archdeacon John Fulnetby's Visitation Articles
    Publication: STC Pollard and Redgrave (eds), Short-Title Catalogue
    Publication number: 10336

    ARTICLES | TO BE | INQUIRED OF | WITHIN THE ARCHDEACONRY | OF STAFFORD | In the Visitation of the Right Worshipfull [blank] | Archdeaconry of Stafford. | Holden in the yeare of our Lord God, 1635 | Printed at London, by Richard Badger, | 1635.

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