Examination of Defendant in Bett v. Ferrers (A)

BL: Additional MS 28177

ff 100v–1(18 January) (Copy of examination)


To the xiiijth and xvth, he saithe that, as it fortuned this deponent to be at Tamworth on Corpus Christi day last, ther beinge a playe in the whiche the sayd William Tarre was dysguysed and playd the part of a dyvell, havinge great chaynes of Iron abowt hym, and so commynge Rudly by this deponent strake | this deponent on the shynnes withe his chaynes: Wheropon this deponent sayd vnto his servauntes, Is ther non of yowe that wyll gyve hym a blowe? and theropon the sayd Anderson, his servaunt went to the sayd Tarre and demawnded of hym why he hurt his master so with his chayne. The sayd Tarre answeringe agayne, Why, knave, he myght have stonde forther owt my way then. The sayd Anderson heringe hym make such a lewde answere, strake hym on the hede with his dagger.


  • Marginalia
    • June 15th 1536

      [Footnote: [June ... 1536]: square brackets in original]

    • varsus Diabolum
  • Footnotes
    • [June ... 1536]: square brackets in original
    • William Tarre: ie, William Johnson
    • Tarre: ie, Johnson
    • Tarre: ie, Johnson
  • Glossed Terms
    • stande v inf to stand; stonde pp
  • Endnote

    See Lancashire, ‘Corpus Christi,’ pp 508-12, for a narration of the events and transcriptions of the documents. The other articles of interrogation contain Ferrers' responses to various charges of assault, threatening behaviour, riot, and the like. They are unconnected with the matter at issue here, except in that they are charges about similar high-handed actions. A wedge-shaped sign appears in the left margin of some statements.

  • Document Description

    Record title: Examination of Defendant in Bett v. Ferrers (A)
    Repository: BL
    Shelfmark: Additional MS 28177
    Repository location: London

    30 November 1860–27 September 1862; English; paper; 340 leaves; ii + 228 + cx; 325mm x 250mm; foliation by British Library, 1869: ii + 226; 109 blank leaves + flyleaf follow last foliated leaf; original binding, black cloth boards with leather spine and cornerings, with some tooling, title on spine.

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