St Mary's Parish Register

STRO: D1399/1

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Memorandum that the viiith daie of August 1575 our souereigne ladie Queene Elizabeth came from Chartley in progresse to Stafford Castell, and was Receiued vpon the poole dam without the East yates by the Bayliffes and burgesses with an Oracion made by Mr. Lambe the scholemaister in the Name of the Towne, and the Bayliffes deliuered to her maiestie a goodlie large standing Cup of sylver and gilt, of xxx li. price which her highnes cheerefullie and thankefullie Receiued, and so shee passed through the east yate streete, the Markett place and the Crobury lane, and the broade eye, and there ouer the Riuer to Stafford parke, in the seaventeenth yeare of her maiestties most prosperous Raigne.


  • Glossed Terms
    • broade eye n the Broad Eye, a windmill in Stafford; broadey
  • Document Description

    Record title: St Mary's Parish Register
    Repository: STRO
    Shelfmark: D1399/1
    Repository location: Stafford

    1559—1667; Latin, English; parchment; ii + 198 + ii; 322mm x 220mm; modern pencil foliation; original calfskin binding repaired; rebound in the 20th century with new fly leaves; '1559—1666' on spine and front cover.

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