Diocese of Chester Consistory Court Case, Response to Complaint in Colly v. Dikes

Cheshire Record Office: EDC 5 (1635)/87

f [1]

Responsum Thome dikes parochie de Vico Malbano factum articulis presentatis Cuiusdam libelli alias Contra eum ex parte Elizabethe Colly vxoris Roberti Colly parochie predicte vtrumque dati et exhibiti


ff [1v–2]

...In Iune last past ‸⸢anno <..> 1637 iam Currenti⸣ (as this respondent beleeveth) the said Wildinge & the said Elizabeth Colly were scandalously togeither at a Cockfight at Bettley in Staffordshire where vnder a Colour they had gott Robert Colly her husband ‸⸢a silly man⸣ to be with them & there they the said parties were togeither betting and drinkeing from Munday morneing as he beleeveth till Tusday at night although the said Elizabeth Colly had little children at home & one very younge & tender that should have sucked at her breastes and at this Cockfight shee professed yat she purposed to have stayed all the weeke longe if it had continued so longe And further this respondent answereth yat he beleeveth that at the same tyme at the instant of her comeing home from the said Cockfight he this deponent happened to be in the way & none hearing the wordes but her husband Colly the said Wilding & some of this respondentes family ‸⸢to this Respondentes knowledg⸣ he this respondent in his anger & great perplexity of mind for this misbehaviour of his said daughter asked her whether Cheshire could not serve her tourne to play the whore in, but she must travayle into Staffordshire with soe lewd a companion? telling her yat the same act of hers before related was liker a whores, then an honest womans part or wordes sounding to like sence so far as he this respondent remembreth. intending therby no more but to rebuke and reproove her his said daughter (as he beleeveth he lawfully might, and was bound so to do in Conscience) & noe way to bring her into any infamy or reproach, for into that shee had formerly without shame contrary to former promises | run her self withe whole Countrey that knew or heard of it/ aliter non credit articulum esse verum in aliquo ‸⸢Saving that he is of the parish of Namptwichdiocess of Chester

(signed) Thomas dyckes

  • Footnotes
    • p arochie: with superscript a in addition to par abbreviation
    • presen tatis: abbreviated pn'ss
    • parte: with superscript a in addition to par abbreviation
    • parochie: with superscript a in addition to par abbreviation
    • 1637: for 1635
    • run her self: also written as catchwords at foot of f [1v]
    • aliter ... aliq uo: 'otherwise she does not believe the article to be true in any way'
  • Record Translation

    f [1]

    The response of Thomas Dykes of the parish of Nantwich made to articles of a libel both given and produced elsewhere ex parte Elizabeth Colly, wife of Robert Colly of the aforesaid parish.

  • Glossed Terms
    • namptwich n Nantwich
    • uicus, -i n m settlement, borough, village, etc; in phr ~ Malbanus Nantwich, Cheshire
    • uicus, -i n m settlement, borough, village, etc; in phr ~ Malbanus Nantwich, Cheshire
  • Endnote

    Thomas Dikes here responds to a complaint of defamation brought by his daughter, Elizabeth Colly. Much of the detail of the case is not relevant and is not transcribed here. According to Thomas’ response, between January and June, 1635, Elizabeth was in great suspicion of adultery with one Thomas Wilding of the parish of Coppenhall, and the couple were presented diverse times by the churchwardens of Nantwich for incontinency. Thomas Dikes and Randle Meakin, godfather of Elizabeth, persuaded her to promise to avoid Wilding’s company, and Dikes likewise persuaded Wilding to avoid her house. But all to no avail, because the incident here related took place, apparently in June 1635. Dikes was careful to correct his place of residence to Nantwich, not Middlewich.

  • Document Description

    Record title: Diocese of Chester Consistory Court Case, Response to Complaint in Colly v. Dikes
    Repository: Cheshire Record Office
    Shelfmark: EDC 5 (1635)/87
    Repository location: Chester

    1635; English and Latin; paper; bifolium, folded in 2 to make 2 leaves, subsequently folded in 4 vertically; 302mm x 374mm; unfoliated; writing on ff [1–2] and endorsed on third panel of f [2v].

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