Margaret Hoby's Diary

BL: Egerton MS 2614

f 24 (26 January)

After priuat praers I went about the house and then I reed of the bible tell dinner time after diner I dresed vp my Clositte and read and to refresh my selfe beinge dull I plaied and sunge to the Alpherion after I tooke order for supper and the next day and then after I had Conferred a whill with Mr Hoby I went to priuat examenation and praier


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    • The 6: day of the week the 26:
  • Endnote

    The Hoby family was resident at Hackness Manor.

    The orpharion (alpherion) is a flat-backed wire-strung instrument in the bandora family, tuned like a lute. It was popular as an accompaniment to solo singing (Ian Harwood and Lyle Nordstrom (rev), 'Orpharion,' Grove Music Online, accessed 27 December 2020).

  • Document Description

    Record title: Margaret Hoby's Diary
    Repository: BL
    Shelfmark: Egerton MS 2614
    Repository location: London

    For information on Margaret Hoby see the Introduction.

    1599–1605; English; paper; i + 118 + ii; 190mm x 150mm; modern pencil foliation 1–118; 19th-c. green leather binding, '438 | LADY HOBY'S | DIARY | 1599–1605 | BRIT. MUS. | EGERTON | 2614 (FARNB.) | C.23' on spine.

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