Quarter Sessions Records


f 112 (2 May)


Iohn Moore:
Thomas Scalinge:
Thomas Bonwell
Raph Theaker
ffrancis Maisterman
Raph Hardwick  obligati in Rotulo
          It is ordered by the Courte that Iohn Moore Thomas Scalinge Thomas Bonell and Raph Theaker for misdemeanors done vpon the Sabaoth daie att Hovingham shalbe bound to the good behavior: And that Raph Theaker the piper shalbe sett in the stockes att this present Session att Thirske and likewise att Hovingham: And also shall make submission to Sir Thomas Norcliffe both att this Session and att the towne of Hovingham./


  • Footnotes
    • ffranciscus … Hardwick: two names bracketed on the right
    • obligati in Rotulo: 'they (ie, Maisterman and Hardwick) are bound (ie, to good behaviour) in the roll'
  • Document Description

    Record title: Quarter Sessions Records
    Repository: NYCRO
    Shelfmark: QSM 2/4
    Repository location: Northallerton

    1620–5; English and Latin; paper; i + 371 + ii ; 295mm x 195mm; contemporary foliation 1–340; ff 341–71 unnumbered, 341–5 blank, 346–71 contain an alphabetical index of names, with a half-page slip-in between 366 and 367; contemporary marbled paper boards covered light brown leather, new leather spine, original leather labels on spine, upper red, lower black, gold lettering respectively: 'Minutes and Orders' and '1620 to 1625.'

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