Injunctions of Edwin, Archbishop of York

Sandys: Injunctions

sig B ii recto (12 June)


25 Item, that the said Churchwardens shall not suffer any Lordes of misrule, Maygames, or morice daunces, with like disorders to come into the Churche or Churchyarde, in time of Common prayer, nor at anie other time, neither shall suffer any pedlers, or other whatsoeuer, to set out or vtter any wares, or open any shoppes in time of Common prayer, nor shall suffer any Uittayling, Tippling houses, or Tauerns, to be frequented in time of deuine seruice, but shall presente the offenders therein by name immediately, upon euery such offence committed...


  • Endnote

    Edwin Sandys (1519?–1588) was translated from London in 1576/7 and served as archbishop until his death in 1588 (Patrick Collinson, 'Sandys, Edwin (1519?–1588),' ODNB, accessed 7 January 2021).

  • Document Description

    Record title: Injunctions of Edwin, Archbishop of York
    Author: Sandys
    Work title: Injunctions

    We are grateful to Dr John Craig for bringing this unknown set of injunctions to our attention. Dr Craig's edition, 'The Injunctions of Archbishop Sandys for the Diocese of York, 1578,' is forthcoming.

    INIVNCTIONS GI- | uen by the most Reuerend Father in God, | Edwin Archbishoppe of Yorke, Primate of | England and Metropolitane, to bee ob= | serued throughout his Dioces of | Yorke, for the better execution | of the Queenes Maiesties |lawes and ordinaun= | ces, in matters | Eccle= | siasticall. The .12. day of |IVNE | 1578 | Imprinted at London by | WILLIAM SERES

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