Richard Cholmeley's Memorandum Book


f 100v (5 May)

... goe to see a play with Hugh Cholmley & (blank) ij s....


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    The Cholmeley branch of the Cholmley/Cholmeley family was resident at Brandsby Hall.

    Richard Cholmeley and Hugh Cholmley went to a play on 5 May 1620. Richard Cholmeley of Brandsby's father was Roger of Brandsby (d. 1577), and Roger’s father was Sir Richard of Roxby (d. 1583). Sir Richard’s second wife was Katherine Clifford (d. 1598) and their great-grandson was Sir Hugh Cholmley (1600–57) of the Whitby line, author of the memoirs. This is the Hugh who went to the play in 1620. There are only two other Hughs in the family, son and grandson of this Hugh, neither of them born yet in 1620.

  • Document Description

    Record title: Richard Cholmeley's Memorandum Book
    Repository: NYCRO
    Shelfmark: ZQG XII 3/1
    Repository location: Northallerton

    On the Cholmeley family and their documents, see the Introduction. The memorandum book is not a formal account, as much of it is taken up with miscellaneous notes and there does not appear to be a formal accounting year.

    1602–15 February 1622/3; English; paper; 138 leaves bound in 3 volumes: 1–14 and 126–138, 15–80, 81–125; 330mm x 225mm (mounts); modern foliation 1–138; originals in poor condition; mounted on modern archival paper and sewn in modern marbled paper boards covered in buff fabric, parchment cover (from a 15th-c. liturgical manuscript) slipped in separate folder along with several fragments.

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