Durham Dean and Chapter Act and Visitation Book

Durham Cathedral Library: DCD/D/SJC/2

f 77v


Officium domini contra gardianos veteres ibidem videlicet Iohannem BynkesIohannem Dimming

The plaiers of longe Coulton plaied in their church at christenmas last they beinge Churchwardens: which though thy confesse to be trew yet wold they neither present the same nor yet say what day or in whose presence the same was

Super articulum comparauernt &c. quo die comparuerunt et fatebantur that the was said play was ther plaied in the Quier et submiserunt se vnde dominus iniunxit e<.>s penitenciam in ecclesia de sigesten &c probandum &c iniunxit ‸⸢quolibet⸣ eorum ad confitendum solvendum ij s. 6 d. in vsus pauperum dictæ ecclesiæ et inde certificandum in proximum sub manibus <....>rij et gardinorum in proximum/ ...

  • Marginalia
    • Sigeston
    • Sigeston
  • Footnotes
    • Iohannem Bynkes ⸤Iohannem Dimming⸥: the two names are bracketed on the right
  • Record Translation

    f 77v


    The office of the lord (judge) against former (or long-standing) wardens there, namely, John Binkes, John Dimming. (English) They appeared concerning the article, etc. On which day, they appeared and confessed (English) and submitted themselves (ie, to the mercy of the court), wherefore the lord (judge) enjoined them penance in the church of Sigeston, etc, to prove, etc enjoined each of them to confess pay 2s 6d for the use of the poor of the said church and thereafter to certify at the next (session) under the hands of <......> and the wardens at the next (session). ...

  • Endnote

    Although there are both a Coulton and a Cawton in the Howardian Hills, neither is in the diocese of Durham and so would be unlikely to leave records more appropriately belonging to the diocese of York. 'Long Coulton' is more likely North/East Cowton in the deanery of Darlington.

  • Document Description

    Record title: Durham Dean and Chapter Act and Visitation Book
    Repository: Durham Cathedral Library
    Shelfmark: DCD/D/SJC/2
    Repository location: Durham

    17 December 1595–9 October 1606; English and Latin; paper; i + 176 + i, 42 leaves in eight booklets sewn together, as follows: 1: ff 1–42, 2: ff 43–51, 3: ff 52–59, 4: ff 60–66, 5: ff 67–85, 6: ff 86–103, 7: ff 104–125, 8: ff 126–176; average 295mm x 195mm; modern pencil foliation with leaf 4 not foliated, contemporary pagination from 2 to 314; leaves foliated with the following numbers are stubs: 11, 15, 50, 63, 127–28, 130–31, 139, 143, 175 (all actually +1); modern cardboard binding in grey vinyl, no title on the cover, spines of individual contemporary booklets are into the modern binding.

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