Accounts of Matthew Hutton

NYCRO: ZAZ 75–76

single sheet (December)

A note of my expenses


Item to the setting out of the commoedie ij s. vj d.
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    Record title: Accounts of Matthew Hutton
    Repository: NYCRO
    Shelfmark: ZAZ 75–76
    Repository location: Northallerton

    Matthew Hutton (b. 1597) was the son of Sir Timothy Hutton (1569–1629), grandson of Matthew Hutton (1529?–1606), archbishop of York, 1594/5–1606. These accounts, clearly dated in Matthew the younger's hand, refer to his matriculation at Cambridge. The accounts were sent to Matthew's father Timothy at his home at Marske-in-Swaledale, North Riding for settlement. They are printed in Hutton, Correspondence, pp 210–17). It is possible, but by no means certain, that the 'comedy' referred to was the performance at Clare College of George Ruggle's Ignoramus, which James I attended on 8 March 1614/15 (see Nelson (ed), Cambridge, vol 1, p 518).

    December 1614; English; single sheet; paper; 305mm x 200mm.

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