single sheet (29 September–29 September)

A not off wyn & other Chargdes Delyvered to Towne & in Baylffes house the 5th off November 1633

Imprimis ffor wyn & the Chargdes att the admirall Courtt holden the 15th December 1633 ij li. ij s. 0 d.
Item after Dyner in the after Nown in Win & a quart off sayk 0 iii s. vj d.
Item more giuen to the Meusyck in Mony & wyne ⸢to the Seargentes iij vj d.
Item mor the waytts Lyveres ffor Clookes ij li. ix s. vj d.


  • Footnotes
    • iij: ie, iij s.
  • Document Description

    Record title: Scarborough Chamberlains' and Churchwardens' Accounts
    Repository: NYCRO
    Shelfmark: DC/SCB IV/1
    Repository location: Northallerton

    The chamberlains and the wardens of St Mary's church submitted their accounts together on Michaelmas. Dr Jack Binns has confirmed the accounting year for the chamberlains and churchwardens (letter to editor, 21 October 2019).

    1633–4; English; paper; single sheet; 220mm x 200mm.

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