Visitation Court Book of Chancellor Matthew Dodsworth

Borthwick Institute: V.1615/CB

f 337v (7 August)

Officium domini Contra ffranciscum Boyes for keeping Company to drinck Revell and make much disorder in his house vpon the Saboath Day in at morning praier time being the x of Iuly Last           Quo die


  • Footnotes
    • Officium … Boyes: Office of the lord (judge) against Francis Boyes
    • x … Last: 10 July 1615 fell on a Monday
    • Quo die: 'on which day'
  • Document Description

    Record title: Visitation Court Book of Chancellor Matthew Dodsworth
    Repository: Borthwick Institute
    Shelfmark: V.1615/CB
    Repository location: York

    Matthew Dodsworth (c 1547–c 1628) was appointed as judge of the court of Admiralty in England's northern counties sometime before 1593. He later served as registrar and chancellor under Tobias (Tobie) Matthew (1554?–1628), archbishop of York, 1606–28 (Great Britain, Calendar of State Papers, Domestic Series, of the Reign of Elizabeth, 1591–1594, Mary Anne Everett Green (ed) (London, 1867), 387; 'Matthew Dodsworth,' ACAD: A Cambridge Alumni Database, UI: DDST565M, accessed 28 December 2020). The Admiralty court's juridiction comprised all offences committed at sea or on the coast outside of county boundaries. It was headed by the lord High Admiral along with three or four other appropriate persons, as nominated by the lord Chancellor ('High Court of Admiralty,' Britannica,, accessed 1 August 2021). When the court met in Scarborough its membership was hosted at dinner by the city.

    1614/15; English and Latin; paper; ii + 392 + i (including 17 loose pages slipped or bound in); 305mm x 200mm; modern pencil foliation, 1–63, 63a, 64–126, 126a, 126b, 127–8 128a, 129–43, 143a, 144–53, 153a, 154–167, 167a, 168–71, 171a, 171b, 171c, 172–84, two unfoliated, 185–226, 226a, 227–70, one unfoliated, 271–305, 305a, 305b, 306–27, 328 foliated on verso, 329–30, 330a[v], 331–34, 334a, 335–63, 363a, 364–7, 367a, 368–75 (the following folios left blank: 2, 11–14, 58–61, 84–6, 118–21, 166–70, 177, 186–87, 214–15, 241, 254, 288–89, 309–11 346, 348–65, 375); modern white vellum binding, leather plate on front with gold lettering: 'Visitation | Court Book | 1615.'

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