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f 122 (24 March 1634/5)

Contra Iohannem ⸢dimissus⸣ Sicklin laborer, Robertum ⸢dimissus⸣ Raw laborer for that contrary to the Kings declaracion Concerning lawfull sportes to be used wpon sonday the 29th of Iune last past ‸⸢they⸣ did ioyne them selues with a great number of other parrishes & begunn may games and morrise dances >before any ⸢the⸣ diuine seruice in the forenoone of that day continueing the said sportes vntill the Evening and vsing in them vnlawfull weapons such as are gunnes speares swordes and the like           24. ⸢Martij⸣ Aug 1634 comparuit dictus Sicklin et fassus est quod deteccionem esse verum et submisit se &c unde dominus iniunxit ei declarationem peragendam in ecclesia de donnington et in publico foro de Malton iuxta forma schedule &c. et ad certificandum citra ffestum sancti Michaelis proximum ⸢in⸣ apud proximo Synodo tenendo apud Eboracum introducta fuit schedula cum certificacione vnde dimittitur./
°Henry Aiscough parson of Duniston°

(8 September 1635)

Contra Matheum Hare et Georgium Pearson seruant to William Cooke for the like           vt supra viijuo die mensis Septembris 1635 coram Iohanem Laurence Clerico substituto &c in ecclesia cathedrali Eboraci &c comparuit dictus Pearson et fassus est deteccionem esse veram et submisit se &c unde dominus iniunxit ei ad peragendum declaracionem oretenus prout visum fuerit Magistro Ayscough Rectori ibidem, et ad
°Henry Aiscough.°
  • Marginalia
    • Donnington
    • °dimissus est/
      Rawe et
    • Michaelis proximum
      ad certificandum
      in proximo synodo
      they haue not taken
      the<.> declaracion
      It lyeth in the
    • °Michaelis proximum ad certificandum
      dimissus est Pearson./°
    • Donnington
    • °Raw has been dismissed and Sicklin°
    • next (feast) of St Michael
      to certify at the next synod
    • °(The feast) of (St) Michael next to certify. Pearson has been dismissed./°
  • Footnotes
    • Iohannem … Sicklin: underlined
    • Robertum … laborer: underlined
    • Duniston: for Dunnington (?)
  • Record Translation

    f 122 (24 March 1634/5)

    Against Iohn⸢dimissed⸣ Sicklin laborer, Robert ⸢dismissed⸣ Raw laborer (English)           24 March 1634 the said Sicklin appeared and he confessed that the detection was true and he submitted himself, etc, and the lord (judge) enjoined him to make a declaration in the church of Donnington and in the public square of Malton according to the form of the schedule, etc, and to certify before the next feast of St Michael at the next synod to be held at York. The schedule was presented with certification; wherefore, he is dismissed.
    °Henry Aiscough° (English)

    (8 September)

    Against Matthew Hare and George Pearson (English)           as above 8 September 1635 before John Laurence substitute clerk, etc, in the cathedral church of York, etc, the said Pearson appeared and he confessed that the detection was true and he submitted himself, etc, wherefore the lord (judge) enjoined him to make a declaration orally just as it seems (appropriate) to Mr Ayscough, rector there and to
    °Henry Aiscough.°
  • Endnote

    Henry Aiscough was rector of Dunnington from 1610 to 1642. See Ronald A. Marchant, The Church under the Law: Justice, Administration and Discipline in the Diocese of York, 1560–1640 (Cambridge, 1969), 220.

  • Document Description

    Record title: Archdeaconry of Cleveland Court Book
    Repository: Borthwick Institute
    Shelfmark: C.V/CB2
    Repository location: York

    1634; English and Latin; paper; 148 + i; 290mm x 180mm; modern pencil foliation 1–148 (ff 127–48 blank); parchment cover, 'Cleveland | 1634' on front cover.

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