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Records Date Location Record Title Shelfmark
1471–2, Hampshire, Andover. St Mary's Churchwardens' Accounts. HRO: 37M85/13/PA/2 1471–2 Hampshire, Andover St Mary's Churchwardens' Accounts HRO: 37M85/13/PA/2
1599/1600–1600/1, Hampshire, Wootton St Lawrence. St Lawrence's Churchwardens' Accounts. HRO: 75M72/PW1 1599/1600–1600/1 Hampshire, Wootton St Lawrence St Lawrence's Churchwardens' Accounts HRO: 75M72/PW1
1614, Yorkshire North Riding, Hutton Buscel. Quarter Sessions Records. NYCRO: QSM 2/2 1614 Yorkshire North Riding, Hutton Buscel Quarter Sessions Records NYCRO: QSM 2/2
1512–13, Berkshire, Reading. St Laurence's Churchwardens' Accounts. BRO: D/P 97/5/2 1512–13 Berkshire, Reading St Laurence's Churchwardens' Accounts BRO: D/P 97/5/2
1578–80, Staffordshire, Burton Manor. Sir Thomas Paget's Household Accounts. STRO: D(W)1734/3/3/276 1578–80 Staffordshire, Burton Manor Sir Thomas Paget's Household Accounts STRO: D(W)1734/3/3/276
1591, Cambridgeshire, Ickleton. Diocesan Court Proceedings. CUL: EDR B/2/11 1591 Cambridgeshire, Ickleton Diocesan Court Proceedings CUL: EDR B/2/11
1588/9, Surrey, Rose Playhouse. Surrey and Kent Commissioners for Sewers' Court. LMA: SKCS/018 1588/9 Surrey, Rose Playhouse Surrey and Kent Commissioners for Sewers' Court LMA: SKCS/018
1592, Surrey, Greenwich Palace. Privy Council Letter to the Master of the Rolls et al. TNA: PC 2/19 1592 Surrey, Greenwich Palace Privy Council Letter to the Master of the Rolls et al TNA: PC 2/19