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Records Date Location Record Title Shelfmark
1507–8, Berkshire, Reading. St Laurence's Churchwardens' Accounts. BRO: D/P 97/5/2 1507–8 Berkshire, Reading St Laurence's Churchwardens' Accounts BRO: D/P 97/5/2
1605–6, Berkshire, Stanford in the Vale. St Denys' Churchwardens' Accounts. BRO: D/P 118/5/1 1605–6 Berkshire, Stanford in the Vale St Denys' Churchwardens' Accounts BRO: D/P 118/5/1
1607, Cambridgeshire, Elm. Diocesan Court Proceedings. CUL: EDR B/2/26 1607 Cambridgeshire, Elm Diocesan Court Proceedings CUL: EDR B/2/26